Forget about long days spent managing patient files, battling with insurance companies, training new personnel, and even managing your own marketing.
​Medicus Network is here to help you in every aspect of your practice.

The Complete Direct Access Medicine® Model
The Complete Model includes all services:

  • Transition and Project Management Services
  • Healthcare/HIPAA and IT Consulting Services
  • Marketing and Branding Services

Standard Practice vs Direct Access Medicine® Model

In a standard practice, doctors are working harder and harder. Revenue is stagnant and you need to see even more patients per month because overhead continues to rise.

This results in you seeing an average of 30 patients per day just to maintain an average income.

With the Direct Access Medicine® model, the greatest difference is in volume. With a full practice of 600 patients, your income will be higher because your revenue will increase and your overhead decreases significantly. When we consider revenue minus overhead equals income, that means your income increases.