Restores and simplifies the doctor-patient relationship

The doctor works for the patients. The patient pays the doctor. It’s a simple, straightforward arrangement…and it creates a better, uncomplicated relationship, producing better healthcare.

In Direct Access Medicine, patients pay their doctor a monthly fee, and the doctor receives a fee to be available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, and to spend as much time as necessary with patients to address all of their medical concerns. The doctor is an advocate in all matters related to healthcare without undue influence of the health insurance industry.

Provides freedom and greater fulfillment for the physician

Physicians are free to practice medicine without influence or restriction of any third-party agency, public or private, including health insurance agencies. Direct Access Medicine provides the freedom to determine and advocate, without bias, for all options to arrive at diagnoses and to establish treatment plans. With fewer patients and more time with each individual, the doctor is able to be most effective. The doctor-patient relationship and the practice will thrive.

Eliminates contracts, outside obligations or restrictions from health insurance or other health agencies

Direct Access Medicine physicians do not maintain contractual relationships with any third party health insurance companies, or agencies such as Medicare. Direct Access physicians do not submit claims for services rendered to any health insurance companies. Patients are able to take advantage of their health insurance benefits when they see other doctors who are contracted with their health insurance agency, when they have lab testsand tests performed at facilities that are contracted with their health insurance agency, or when they must be hospitalized at a facility that has contracted with their health insurance agency. These doctors, facilities, and hospitals will continue to submit insurance claims for services that they render to Direct Access Medicine patients.

Offers greater value for the patients

The Direct Access Medicine physician manages patient care personally and directly. There is no middle man/health insurance company influencing or directing the care patients receive. The doctor has a RELATIONSHIP with the patient, not a contractual obligation to the insurance companies or healthcare agencies. Direct Access Medicine doctors elevate their patients by engaging with them in a professional partnership for health.

Patients are able to contact their doctors anytime, directly by cell phone, text or secure email

The doctors are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Physicians have extended office time with their patients, enabling them to fully address all health concerns and restore the doctor-patient relationship. Direct Access Medicine doctors receive payments directly from their patients.